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What is GRRRRL Camp?

A Kickass Camp

Just imagine a place where you can be yourself. Where you can meet other girls and spend your days hiking, reading, hearing amazing motivational talks, learning new skills and becoming a badass! That’s GRRRRL Camp.


Grrrrl Camp is unique in that it creates the opportunity for girls of different backgrounds to come together through a cross-subsidization model. The fee for attendance from each girl from a private school will allow for a girl from the Cape Flats to attend for free.

With an Impact

We believe more women in leadership will make our country stronger. GRRRL Camp future proofs girls by helping them develop empathy, communication and social skills for the EQ focussed future workplace.

Why Camp?

Holidays present an opportunity to balance the IQ focussed term time with leadership focussed learning.

Theory of Change

GRRRRL Camp believes that South Africa’s economic transformation is central to the development of the country and an inevitable part of our particular evolution. Globally, the role of artificial intelligence and the rise of the fourth industrial revolution require a different kind of transformation. In order to best respond to these demands, South Africa’s future leaders will require two key areas of capacity- the ability to engage, collaborate and lead diverse groups; and a for uniquely human emotional intelligence.

What this means for:

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GRRRRL Camp in the Press

A peak at the 67 logos Designathon

In an effort to build and accelerate the progress of SMEs, Colourworks and Designers Ink collaborated to give 67 SMEs a mini brand identity, a two day business bootcamp training programme, a registered web domain and free web hosting for a total of 67 weeks! All this is valued at R40 000 per company with no cost to the SME.

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Tonight with Lester

The 2018 Grant Thornton International Business Report found less than one-third of senior roles in South Africa are occupied by women. 

And twenty percent, that’s one in five local business still have no women at all in senior positions. This despite women making up 51% of the population.

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